Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Mein Lied - I'm still climbing

Hey Leute, ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr dieses Video mal anschaut. Den Text habe ich selbst geschrieben, die Melodie ist von einer Freundin.

You're a laugh in the sea of sadness,
you're a light in the sea of darkness
you are the sun of my sky
and you're the apple of my eye
but now the rain is falling from the sky of love

Ref.: With your heart of gold you can't see it
you was the light of my life, 
now I'm going in the dark
and I don't turn back, 
but I'm still climbing

My love is a camera, 
full of memorys,
you can't disappear from the pictures, from the frame,
but your love is fire,
a puzzle without the last piece

I swam in the sea of diamonds
diamonds which are growing bigger, without you too
You swam in the sea, which is a hungry lion
i released you from the clutches
but for you it wasn't matter.

Ref. 2x

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